Teesday Clothing: Kaos Desain Unik Terbaru, Jersey Bola New Season, Dress Wanita Casual Model Korea

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Jersey Bola Terbaru New Season: Jersey Liga Inggris 2013-2014, Jersey Liga Italy 2013-2014, Jersey Liga Spanyol 2013-2014

Jersey bola terbaru untuk new season liga inggris 2013-2014, liga italy 2013-2014, liga spanyol 2013-2014

Madrid Home : S18 M16 L2 XL4
Madrid GK Home : S8 M9 L5
Barca Home (PI) : S17 M6 L2
MU Home (PI) : S15 M1 L2 XL4
City Home (PI) : S13 M10 L5
Chelsea Home : S32 M27 L9 XL10
Chelsea GK Home : S16 M18 L8
Liverpool GK Home : S6 M9 L3
Juventus Home (PI) : S11 M14 L5
AC Milan Third : S3 M2 XL2
Munchen Home : S13 M13 L5
Lyon 3rd : S9 M9 L4

Madrid Home : S12 M11
Barca Home : S11 M13
MU Home : S9 M7
Chelsea Home : S11 M13
City Home : S13 M15

Spain Home : S18 M19 L7 XL4
Brazil Home : S7 M8 L5
Brazil Home (PI) : S6 M7
Brazil Away (PI) : S13 M13 L7 XL4
Portugal Away (PI) : S7 M3 L1 XL1
Holland Away : S9 M10 L2
Holland Away (PI) : S9 M10 L2
France Away (PI) : S3 M2 L2
Italy Home : S16 M14 L3

Spain Home : S6 M8
Brazil Home : S5 M7
Brazil Away : S7 M6
Portugal Away : S6 M8
Holland Away : S4 M6

Harga: Rp. 125.000


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